Add QBO Company

ScanBox can be setup by Qbox users only at this time. Please sign into your Qbox account at, and click on ScanBox to launch your ScanBox Web Dashboard.

Please make sure that no QuickBooks Online company is open. On the ScanBox Web Dashboard, click Add QBO Company.

This will launch the QuickBooks online login. Please log into the QBO company.

Provide your approval to QuickBooks to connect to ScanBox.

Your ScanBox account will be connected to the QBO company. ScanBox will automatically create the Receipts and Checks folders, which are used to store the receipts and checks uploaded.

You can add Team Members and Shared users to your account. Users can upload, email or scan receipts and checks directly to these folders, and send them to the QBO company. Please refer to relevant help documents for each operation.