Tax Collaboration Software with built in E-Signature Capabilities and Bank Level Security

Personalized online portal offering secure bi-directional document sharing, file system management, e-signatures and multi-user collaboration.

Secure Private Cloud to Exchange Documents and Host your office files

CoraCloud allows you to share and collaborate with clients and peers all in one place. Easily upload all types of files, including PDF’s, Tax Documents, Word, Excel, JPGs and more all via our web based cloud. With CoraCloud you do not need to download any additional software, just login to your online portal, upload documents, and invite shared users.  CoraCloud also allows you to collaborate efficiently by locking files when someone is making edits, and sharing your changes automatically.

Unlimited E-Signatures

CoraCloud gives you all the power of other remote signature services, at an affordable price with an unlimited amount of signatures. Capabilities include adding names and emails, specifying the order of signatures, drag and drop indicators for signatures, initials or dates. We also offer standard or custom fields for signers to fill in.

Versioning and Rollback Tracking

Corrupted file? Changes you made are not required? Not a problem. Roll back to any of 20 versions of the file maintained in the CoraCloud server and restore the file. Deleted files are saved for 30 days, in case you change your mind and want them back. We also keep track of who is making revisions to the file so that you can easily track edits. 

Bank Level Security

We take security seriously.  Your data files are synced over 256-bit SSL encrypted links (the same technology your bank uses) and securely stored on Amazon AWS data storage. CoraCloud ensures that unauthorized or unscrupulous individuals can not access application data.