Can I use the same email address to setup Qbox account on two computers? #

You need a unique email address for each computer. To access files on a second computer, share the Sync folders with another email address, and setup Qbox with that email.

Qbox flashes a warning message saying Qbox folder cannot be accessed.

Qbox needs to access the Qbox folder periodically, and will flash a warning if it cannot be accessed. If your Qbox folder is on a network drive, it is possible that your local area network is not reliable, causing Qbox to lose access intermittently. You can try moving the Qbox location to a local drive or a different network drive to resolve the issue.

One of the users locked the file. Can I release the lock manually? #

File lock can be released manually by the account owner, Team member with admin permission or by the user who locked the file. Please note that when the lock is released manually, the file will not sync and changes made by the user who locked the file may get overwritten by a sync from another user.

How do I change the email address used for my Qbox account? #

If your email address has changed or you want transfer your Qbox account to another user, please follow instructions below. For security reasons, Qbox support team will verify your identity before the email is changed. In some situations they may call you for verification, before making the change.

  • Send an email to and provide your current email address and the new email address to be used.
  • Provide the name of one of the folders and files in your account, so support can verify your identity, and change the email.
  • You will get a temporary password sent to your new email address. Sign in at the Qbox website ( using the new email and the temporary password you received. Change your password.
  • Qbox client running on your desktop should restart and ask you to login. Click ‘Change Qbox account’. Login with your new email address and password you created.
  • Select a location for creating the Qbox folder, after which Qbox will sync down your folders and files from the new account.

If your email domain has changed and you have Team members or Qbox MU, please also change the email address of individual members so they have the same domain.

Updated on March 26, 2021

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