Billing and Payments

How is Qbox billed? #

Qbox is billed for the number of Sync folders and Attach folders setup by an account owner. Team members of the account owner and shared users are not billed for Qbox. Please see the pricing page at for pricing related information. Folders are billed even if there are no files stored in them, so please make sure that any unused folders are deleted to avoid getting billed.

If you have Custom Sync folders (not offered to new users), these are billed when the sync is enabled.

Are the subfolders in a Sync folder billed? #

When you create a sub-folder in a Sync folder, it is automatically shared with the users sharing the parent folder. The sub-folder is billed only if shared with additional users invited directly to the sub-folder.

When is a Custom Sync folder billed? #

Custom sync folder is billed only when sync is enabled. Sync can be enabled for 1, 2 or 3 months, and the amount due will be included in the next bill.

I deleted my Sync folder. Why is this included in my bill? #

Please note that Sync folders, Attach folders and Custom Sync folders for which sync is active on the billing date, are included in the bill. If you deleted the folder after the billing date, it will be excluded only from the next bill.

When is the Qbox payment due? #

You will be billed on the ‘billing date’ for the number of Sync folders and Attach folders. Billing date is same as the date on which your account was setup. You will receive an email notification when your bill has become due, and the payment is due within 10 days from the billing date. Payments need to be made at the Qbox website using a credit card.

Which credit cards are supported? #

You can make a payment using Visa, Discover, Master Card or American Express credit cards.

Does Qbox store my credit card information? #

Your credit card information is not stored in the Qbox database. Qbox uses BrainTree for processing payments and your Credit Card information is stored only on their payment gateway.

Can I call CoralTree support to make a payment? #

CoralTree support staff are not authorized to take credit card information over phone. Please make your payment at the Qbox website only. 

Updated on March 29, 2021

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