Create My Folders as a Shared User

Even as a shared user, you already have your own Qbox account. If you would like to create your own folder, so you are the owner and billable party, please sign in to the web dashboard (

Once signed in, select ‘Admin’ and then select ‘Create My Folders’ in the left-hand margin.

You can then create your own folder and invite any shared user you would like to include. Only those you invite to the new folder will be able to see it.

You can now copy and paste the files from the previous folder to the folder you created.  This can be done on the Qbox Explorer: select the file you want to copy, right click and copy, then paste it in the new folder by right click and paste. If you are copying QuickBooks company files, please copy and paste both the QBW and TLG files together. The TLG files can be made visible by disabling the ‘Hide items not shared’ box under Settings.

Once the files are copied, you can also “unshare” from the previous folder by going back into your web dashboard and selecting the ‘Share’ icon to the right of the folder you no longer want to participate with. From that share window, you can select the red ‘X’ to the right of your email address to remove yourself from that folder.

As the folder owner, you will now be paying the monthly cost for the folder you created. You do not need to pay anything at the time you create the folder but Qbox will send you a billing reminder when the payment is due.

Updated on April 1, 2021

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