How is Qbox Installed? #

Account owners and users invited to share folders need to sign up for Qbox account and download the Qbox client to start using Qbox. If you are signing up for Qbox as an account owner to create your own folders, please see installation instructions at: Account Owners Setup. If you have been invited as a team member or shared user, please see installation instructions at: Shared User Setup. Additional information can be found in the Qbox manual.

Which email address should I use? #

You can use any of your work or personal emails to sign up for a Qbox account. Please note that, if you plan to invite Team members or setup Qbox MU, you will need to use an email address on a private domain to setup your account. Make sure that you read your emails regularly, as temporary passwords, Qbox announcements, billing notifications, and other such information are sent to this email address.

I tried to run the setup.exe file, but get an error during installation. #

Any of the following situations can cause an error during installation. Please try the installation again after fixing the issue:

– You may not have the latest updates on Windows. You can check and get the updates using Windows Control Panel.
– Firewall on your computer is not updated or is blocking the installation. Try disabling the firewall for a few minutes.
– Windows Internet security options may not be set correctly: go to Control Panel, Internet Options, Advanced tab, click ‘Restore Advanced Settings’, click Apply and then OK.

How do I download the Qbox Client again? #

If you have been using Qbox, first uninstall the Qbox Client on your computer using the Windows Control Panel, Programs and Features. To install Qbox Client, please see reinstall instructions.

Why is Qbox saying my PC time is incorrect? #

Qbox checks your PC time while starting and will not continue unless your PC time is correct within a couple of minutes. Please make sure that the following are set correctly:

– Time zone
– Daylight saving enabled
– Date and Time
– AM or PM

Updated on March 25, 2021

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