Qbox MU

What is Qbox MU? #

Multiple users in an office (same office location) can setup Qbox MU to create common Sync folders on a local network server, network storage (NAS) or a mapped network drive hosted on a peer computer.

What are the requirements for setting up Qbox MU? #

Qbox MU can be setup for users on the same office network, who are invited as team members or shared users by an account owner. For security reasons, users setting up Qbox MU need to be on the same private email domain. Qbox MU folder can be setup on a network server, network drive or on a mapped drive on a peer computer hosting the files.

How is Qbox MU setup? #

Team members or Shared users on a private email domain invited to the same folders, can setup Qbox MU. Please refer to Qbox MU setup instructions.

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