Security and Privacy

Who will have access to my folders and files? #

Qbox sharing is done at the folder level and the contents of the folder can be accessed by the users sharing the folder.

  • An account owner and users invited as team members have access to all the folders created by the account owner.
  • Users invited to share a folder will only have access to the contents of the folders shared with them. They will not have access to the contents of the other folders created by the account owner.

Usually, team members are employees of the same company who need access to all the folders and files, while shared users are external users who should have access only to certain folders.

Are my files hosted in a secure environment in the cloud? #

Qbox uses Amazon AWS services for compute and storage purposes. User data files are stored on the AWS storage, which are compliant with several industry security standards. Data transfers and storage are encrypted. Please view the Qbox security white paper  for an overview of the Qbox security processes used to protect user data. You can view the security processes used by Amazon AWS by downloading their security white paper at AWS Security Processes.

Is Qbox GDPR compliant? #

Qbox is GDPR compliant, and conforms to the GDPR compliant privacy shield that can be viewed at Qbox Privacy. The privacy document lists the user information we collect for the Qbox application, how we handle and protect the information we collect. We do not collect any information other than what is given in the privacy document. We do not do ‘data mining’ of the files stored in the Qbox cloud, and protect user data with utmost care, following industry best practices. Please also view Qbox Security White Paper for additional information.

Can CoralTree support engineers access my files? #

CoralTree support engineers can only view your folder names, file names, sharing information, lock and sync history, etc., to be able to provide quality support to our customers. Support engineers do not have access to the contents of your file. Your files can be accessed only by the users with whom you share the folders. Folder sharing invitation can only be initiated by the account owner or the team members who have admin permission given by the account owner, so as long as you are following general security best practices, your files should be secure.

Why am I getting emails from Qbox? #

If you have an active Qbox account, or have shown interest in receiving information about Qbox, you may get the following two categories of emails:

  • Qbox ‘system’ emails: these emails are sent only to current Qbox users. Emails may include information like sharing invitations, billing information, payment confirmation, account suspension, account closure, Qbox releases, and general information about your account. You can stop receiving some of these emails by unchecking the ‘Subscribe to emails’ box provided on the Admin page. But we recommend that you keep the emails enabled as long as you have an active Qbox account, to keep yourself notified about your account status.
  • We also send emails that include newsletters, new features planned for Qbox, Desktop time schedules, webinar schedules, conference participation, etc., that we think are useful to our customers and prospects who have shown interest in Qbox. If you do not want to receive these emails, you can optout by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link provided in these emails.
Updated on March 29, 2021

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