How do I share files using Qbox? #

First create a Sync folder and send sharing invitation to the users with whom you want to share the file. You can invite these users as ‘Shared users’ just for the folder. Or you can invite them as ‘Team members’ if they are on the same private email domain as yours. Invited users need to sign up for Qbox account and install the Qbox client after which the folder will be created on their desktops. Now one of the users can copy the files into the Sync folder. Qbox will sync the files to the cloud server and then sync down to the shared users.

How do I invite another user to share my Sync folder and which permission should I select? #

Account owners and team admins can initiate sharing invitations for a sync folder. To share, please refer to Invite Share Users for detailed instructions.

Can I share my folder with more than one user? #

You can share your folder with multiple users. Each user needs to setup Qbox account and install Qbox Client on their computers to get access to the folder and files. There is no additional charge to share a folder with more users.

How do I delete a user who is sharing my Sync folder? #

Account owners and team members with admin permission can delete a shared user. To delete, sign into your account at the Qbox Website, and locate the folder. Click the ‘Share’ button for the folder to display the list of users sharing the folder. Delete the users you want to remove. Please note that the folders and files will be deleted from the shared user’s computer, so you may want to make sure that they have made a backup or copied the files outside of Qbox before deleting them as a shared user.

Another user is sharing a folder with me. How do I stop accessing the folder? #

If you do not want to have access to a folder that has been shared with you, you can delete yourself from the shared users. Sign into your account at the Qbox Website ( to access the Web Dashboard. Locate the folder shared with you and click the ‘Share’ button for the folder. Delete your email from the list of users with whom the folder is shared. Please note that the folder and its contents will be deleted from your Qbox, so please make sure that you have copied the files into a folder outside of Qbox before deleting your email.

I created a folder in the Qbox folder from Windows. How do I share it in Qbox? #

Folders created on Windows Explorer will not be synced to Qbox automatically and will need to be shared manually.

– First make the folder visible on Qbox Explorer by unchecking the ‘Hide items not shared’ box under Settings/Explorer.
– Right click on the folder name and select ‘Share on Qbox’.
– If the folder contains files, click the ‘refresh’ link to refresh the Qbox Explorer and sync the files.

Updated on March 26, 2021

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