How is a team member different from a shared user? #

Team members have access to all the Sync folders and files of the account owner. There is no need to invite them to individual folders. In contrast, a shared user will have access only to the contents of the folder specifically shared with them. They will not have access to the other folders of the account owner. In addition, Team members can be given Admin permission so they can create new folders, invite shared users, release file locks manually, roll back a file, view and pay bills.

Who can be invited as a Qbox team member? #

Account owners on a private email domain can invite employees on the same email domain as team members. Users with public domain emails like Gmail, Yahoo, Comcast, etc. are not allowed to form Qbox teams for security reasons.

How do I invite team members? #

Please refer to Manage Team Members for details on inviting and managing team members.

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