Qbox Enterprise

Qbox Enterprise is designed for larger businesses with many employees and clients. IT administrators can use the IT Admin Dashboard to setup and administer company employees. Qbox can be configured for user-based or folder-based billing to suit company preference.


Qbox Enterprise includes all the features of Qbox and the following:
  • Support for companies with head office and branch offices
  • Employees can be created under head office or branch offices
  • Billing can be combined or separate for each branch
  • Configurable for user-based billing or folder-based billing
  • IT Admin dashboard for setting up company and manage users
  • Billing dashboard for billing details and payments






IT Admin Dashboard

Company IT administrators can access IT admin dashboard to:
  • Setup company, add head office and branch offices
  • Add employees from MS Active Directory or add manually
  • Manage employee permissions for creating and accessing folders & files
  • Add billing administrators who can view bills and make payments
  • Access employee Web Dashboard, provide support when needed
  • Single point contact to Qbox support to resolve issues

Enterprise Pricing

    Folder-based pricing:           $12/m or $120/y per Sync folder
    Minimum billing:                   $240/m or $2,400/y
Invite any number of team members and shared users at no additional charge. Minimum billing includes first 20 folders.

    User-based pricing:             $8/m or $80/y per user
    Minimum billing:                  $240/m or $2,400/y
Create any number of Sync folders at no additional charge. Minimum billing includes first 30 users.

QuickBooks Attachments
$12/m (or) $120/y Per Folder
QuickBooks Attach folder will be billed separately for user-based or folder-based billing selections.

Enterprise Sign Up

Please contact sales at (408) 448 7269 x2 or send an email to sales@coraltreetech.com to sign-up for Qbox Enterprise. We will create the IT Administrator account and help select between folder-based or user-based billing. The IT Administrator can then setup the company and add users.