Sync is the operation by which a file and changes made to a file are uploaded from one computer to the Qbox cloud server over the Internet, and then downloaded to the computers of all shared users. When Sync is completed by Qbox, all users will have identical copies of the data files on their local storage.

After the file is opened and locked, Qbox will sync the file when it is closed. In the Auto sync mode, Qbox will initiate sync automatically in a few seconds, after confirming that the file is closed. In the Manual sync mode, sync will start when the ‘Sync Now’ button on the Qbox Explorer is clicked. Please note that if the file is not locked when opened, Qbox will not initiate sync even if changes were made to the file.

If you have a good Internet speed (5 mbps or more, up and down), and a modern multi-core processor based computer, you can enable Fast Sync to realize 2X to 4X increase in sync speed. To enable fast sync, on the Qbox Explorer select ‘Settings’ and check the box for Fast Sync listed under Advanced Settings.

You can pause sync by checking the box provided under Settings, Sync Mode. When this box is checked, file sync up and down will be disabled. You can open and lock a file to work, but the file will not sync when closed. Use pause sync to avoid data usage while on a mobile hot-spot Internet, to reduce data usage. Sync can be enabled when you are back on a wired or wireless network.

You can close the file to initiate sync of the changes you made, and open the file again, acquire lock to continue working, while Qbox is syncing the previous version in the background. When syncing starts, Qbox icon will first turn orange and then green with a circular arrow. Open the file after the icon turns green. Do not open the file when the icon is orange, as this will interrupt the syncing process.

If you do not initiate sync after making changes, other users will not get the latest changes you made, the file lock will not release, and they will be essentially ‘locked out’ until you initiate sync. You can retain the lock as long as you need to keep making changes. Please note that Qbox cloud will have a version of the file only after it is synced.

Changes made and synced by other users are synced automatically from the Qbox cloud server to your file. The file needs to be closed to sync the changes. If the file is open, Qbox will prompt you to close the file.

If the file is open when Qbox tries to update changes made by another user, it will prompt you to close the file. Once the file is closed, Qbox will update your file in a few seconds after which you can open the file again.

This can happen when your Internet speed is low. You can check your Internet speed using websites like www.speedtest.net or www.fast.com. If you have a wireless connection, you can try switching to a wired connection to see if you get a better Internet speed.