What is Qbox?

Qbox is a desktop file sharing and collaboration software for Windows PC. Qbox supports Intuit QuickBooks, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access, allowing multiple users share the files over the Internet and work on them without creating conflicted copies. Features like Qbox Explorer for folder and file access, Qbox MU for multi-user installations, Attachments and document sharing, etc. offer a powerful, easy to use and cost effective collaboration solution for users of these applications.

During installation, Qbox creates Sync folders on the account owner as well as shared user computers. Files copied into the Sync folders are synced by Qbox and replicated in the Sync folders of shared users, providing easy access to the files on each user’s desktop.

What is Qbox Explorer?

Qbox Explorer displays the contents of the Qbox folder, and can be used to view these folders and files conveniently at one place, instead of the Windows Explorer. It has similar functionality – clicking on a folder name on the left displays the contents on the right. Qbox Explorer has several enhancements – it displays only the main items shared on Qbox, displays the sync and lock status of files and has controls to configure the Qbox operation. By default, Qbox Explorer starts automatically when the Computer starts so users have ready access to Qbox folders and files.

Which applications and file types are supported?

Sync folders
Applications supported with lock and sync for real time collaboration:

Application File extension
Intuit QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, 2008 or later) QBW and TLG
Microsoft Access ACCDB, MDB
Microsoft Word (2007 or later) DOC, DOCX
Microsoft Excel(2007 or later) XLS, XLSX
Microsoft PowerPoint (2007 or later) PPT, PPTX

Sync folders
File types that can be synced and shared (cannot be edited in Qbox):

Application File extension
Adobe Acrobat PDF
Image files JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF

Archive folders
File types that can be synced once and shared (files in Archive folders cannot be edited):

Application File extension
Microsoft Word DOC, DOCX
Microsoft Excel XLS, XLSX
Adobe Acrobat PDF
Image files JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF


Which operating systems are supported by Qbox?

Qbox will work on Desktops, Laptops or Tablets running any version of the Windows operating system including Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows servers. It will also work on virtual environments including virtual desktops and Terminal servers.

Can I use Qbox on Mac?

No, Qbox will not work on Mac at this time. Qbox will work only on Windows and supports Windows applications only. You can run Windows on MAC using virtualization software like Boot Camp, Parallels, VM Ware, etc. and install Qbox on the Windows partition.

Will Qbox work on a Windows partition on Mac?

Yes. As an example, you can run Windows on a virtualization software like Parallels, Boot Camp or VM Ware and install Qbox on the Windows partition. You will need to use the Windows version of applications like QuickBooks, MS Word or Excel running on the Windows partition for Qbox to sync the application data files.

Please note that if you are using Parallels, Qbox folder should be located in a folder on the C: drive for Qbox to work properly. During the installation process, when Qbox prompts you to select a location, browse and select a folder under the C: drive, usually the Documents folder for the Windows user. Qbox will not trigger prompt for lock if located on a folder shared between Windows and Mac

Which browsers are supported?

Qbox Website can be accessed using IE9 or later, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. IE8 is not supported.

How does Qbox share a file?

To share a file, Qbox first syncs the file ‘up’ to the Qbox cloud server over the Internet and then syncs it ‘down’ to the Qbox folder on the other user’s computer. When changes are made to a file already in Qbox, only the incremental changes are synced up and down.

Where is Qbox cloud server located?

Qbox uses Amazon AWS Compute and Storage services to run the cloud application and store files. These are located in the continental USA.

Is the shared user’s computer required to be powered on for me to access the file?

No. Qbox syncs the file to the folder located on your computer or your network drive, and you will be accessing the file locally. The shared user’s computer need not be powered on for you to access the file on your computer.

Can I use Qbox as my primary backup?

Yes, with a caveat: the file version on the Qbox cloud is only as recent as your last sync. So if you intend to use Qbox as your back up, make sure that you are syncing your changes often, at least once a day.

If you are using QuickBooks, please also backup your Company file using the QuickBooks backup feature regularly, as recommended by Intuit. This is required to make sure that any errors in the Company file are corrected and the TLG file does not become too large.

Do I need Internet access for working on the file?

You need Internet access to acquire file lock, and to sync files. You can acquire file lock when you have Internet access, and make edits while you are offline. When you are done, connect back to the Internet and sync the changes made to the file.

What is the network connectivity I need?

Qbox Client running on your PC communicates frequently with the Qbox cloud server over the Internet and needs a reliable network connection. A minimum uplink and downlink speed of 1Mb/sec (one mega bit per second) is recommended for satisfactory performance.

Will my application run slow because of syncing?

No. The files remain on your local computer and the applications perform as before. Syncing is done only when the application closes the file.

How much time does sync take?

Sync time depends on Internet speed and file size. Syncing a new file may take several minutes as the entire file is uploaded. When you make changes to an existing file, Qbox only syncs the changes so these are synced much faster.

How much disk space do I need to use Qbox?

Qbox makes a copy of the files to be synced into a temporary folder. You need enough free disk space to accommodate copies of all the files being shared on Qbox.

Why is Qbox installing .NET on my computer?

Qbox requires Microsoft .NET framework to function. The .NET version number needs to be 4.5 or later. This is used by several Windows applications and will be installed if your computer does not have this already.

Why is Qbox Explorer not showing status of any of the files?

Please make sure that you have Microsoft .NET version 4.5 or later installed. The file status information on the Qbox Explorer will be blank if you have earlier versions of the .NET framework.

Qbox dialog boxes show no content?

This can happen when your Internet speed is really low. Please check your Internet speed before you proceed with the installation.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

Please contact support using Chat, or by sending an email to support@coraltreetech.com. We will resolve your issue as soon as possible. Support is available during weekdays from 6 AM to 6 PM US pacific time. Not available during weekends and US holidays.