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Account Owners Setup

An account owner:

  • Pays for the Sync Folder
  • Controls shared users and team member access
  • Can create and delete folders
  • Can release locks and roll back files


Shared User Setup

Shared users are:

  • Completely free
  • Can have ‘Read only’ or ‘Admin’ access
  • Can copy files into the Sync Folder
  • Can collaborate in real time


Reinstall Qbox

Reinstall Qbox if you wish to transfer your account to a new computer.

If you want to share between two of your computers, each computer must have its own email address. Add the second computer as an additional shared user. 


Invite Shared Users

Shared user will have access only to the contents of the folder specifically shared with them. They will not have access to the other folders of the account owner.

Shared users can be on any email domain. 


Managing Team Members

Team members have automatic access to all the folders and files created under the owner’s account.  There is no need to invite them to share individual folders.

Team members must all be on the same private email domain. 


Copy QuickBooks Files

QuickBooks files can be copied into Qbox using any of the following methods:

  • Copy & paste
  • Restore QBB
  • Qbox copy utility


Backup QuickBooks

We recommend you backup your company files periodically in QuickBooks.

Creating local backups can help against accidental data loss and can ensure your company file is error free. 


QuickBooks Error

We list the most common QuickBooks errors and tips to resolve the error:

  • QuickBooks error code: 8007xxxxx
  • QuickBooks error code: 6xxx, XX
  • QuickBooks stops working 


Sync Not Occuring

Try these tips if the file was locked and syncing did not start after the file is closed.


Create Sync Folders

Need more folders? Add additional folders or shared user can create their own separate folders. 


Communication and Server Errors

Restart your Qbox Explorer with these easy steps.