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How CoraCloud Works

How CoraCloud allows you to work with multiple clients during the busy tax season stress free!

With CoraCloud, you can start every project with the Project Organizer. Enter each task in the Organizer, enter details relevant to the task, and assign owners. Owners will get notifications and reminders about the task, without the need for you to follow-up, which can be time consuming during the busy tax season. 

CoraCloud features like Document Sharing, Electronic Signature, Online Document editing, Document distribution, Notifications, and Role-Based User access, enable you, your team members and clients to complete most tasks in your account, without the need for using third party applications.

CoraCloud Features

Electronic Signatures (eSignature)

Documents in CoraCloud, in PDF format can be signed electronically. The documents and signatures are stored in the secure CoraCloud environment for access at any time. eSignature templates can be created for standard documents, and stored in CoraCloud for repeated use across multiple clients. An associated Audit Trail provides details on the document number, time and IP address of signatures, and can be further used as evidence when needed.