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Sync Folders

$12/m (or) $120/y Per Folder

Share files and collaborate in real time

Share supported application files using Sync folders, work on them and share changes in real time. Files in the Sync folders are locked when opened, sync and release lock when closed. 

Unlimited Shared Users

Invite users in your office or at remote locations to share one or more Sync folders. Users can be on any private or public email domain and will only have access to contents of the folders shared with them. 

Unlimited Team Members

Invite company employees in your office or at remote locations as Team Members. Employees need to be on the same private email domain as yours and will automatically have access to all your folders. There is no need for you to invite them to individual folders. You can also give them ‘Admin’ permission so they can perform administrative tasks.

Configure Qbox MU

Setup Qbox MU on a network drive for team members in your office. MU users access files from common Qbox folders without the need for creating private copies, reducing disk space used for storage and Internet bandwidth used to sync files. Qbox MU creates the multi-user configuration required for applications like QuickBooks and MS Access. Qbox MU can also be setup by users in an office invited to share the same folders by a single account owner.

Folder Storage

Each folder has 10 GB included. Additional storage can be purchased in 10GB quantities for $5/m (or) $50/y.

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$12/m (or) $120/y Per Folder

Use Attach folder to share QuickBooks attachments and documents in Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, PNG formats, share with team members and shared users.

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