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Accountants and Bookkeepers can use ScanBox to enter receipts and checks remotely into their QuickBooks Online accounts. ScanBox ’s OCR engine extracts data from these documents into templates that are ready to be sent to QBO company. The template data needs very little correction, making it easier and efficient to enter data. Receipts and checks folders can be shared with Team Members and external users who can also upload, and send to the QuickBooks online company.
One of the most used use cases for ScanBox is employee reimbursements. Employees can take a picture of receipts, and email them as attachments to ScanBox. The receipts are automatically uploaded to the ScanBox receipts folder, with the employee name. A Bookkeeper can then send these receipts to the QBO company as ‘Expense’ if the employee is already paid, or as a ‘Bill’ for a future payment. A payment check can be issued directly from QBO for these bills, or paid by a check and submitted to QBO as ‘Bill Payment Check’ from ScanBox

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ScanBox is available for beta users now. Please contact if you are interested in signing up. We will send you instructions for setting up and using ScanBox.

ScanBox Features

  • Account owners can add multiple QBO company files to their account
  • Separate Receipts and Checks folders for each company to store new and sent receipts and checks
  • Receipts and Checks can be uploaded from hard drive, emailed as attachment or scanned up directly
  • Employee emails can be registered to receive email attachments
  • Direct scan and upload from Fujitsu scanners
  • OCR and templates for Expense, Bill and Bill payment check submission to QBO
  • Folders can be shared with Team Members and external users who can upload receipts, checks, view OCR templates and send to QBO company
  • ScanBox is billed for each QBO company added, no additional charge for sharing folders with other users.


Price for each QBO company added                                                                     $18/month        $180/year
Price for Qbox users (discounted)                                                                          $15/month       $150/year
Number of checks and receipts included                                                             1,000/month      12,000/year
Number of users                                                                                                        No limit              No limit
Storage included                                                                                                         10GB                 10GB