Send Checks to QBO

You can view a check uploaded to ScanBox. An integrated OCR will extract the data to a QBO template. You can check the data and send to QBO.

Sign into your Qbox account at, and click on ScanBox to launch your ScanBox Web Dashboard.

Select a Check from the QBO Company Checks folder.

The original check will be displayed on the left, and the data extracted by OCR is displayed on the right. Check the data, make any corrections as needed and click Save Details.

Select Bill payment, Payment Account and the Payee.

Click Select Bills and check the box for the bills(s) from the payee for payment. If you do not see a bill, click the Sync QBO link to sync the company.

Click OK, check the data entered, and click ‘Send to QBO and Exit’ to send the payment to QBO company.

Please note that you can create a new payee from the QBO template itself.