Hear From Accountant Clients How Qbox Saved Them Time and Money*



*The Accountancy was selected as the Qbox “All Star Client” for 2018. Baker, Chi & Parkey Accountancy Corporation was selected in 2014 and Johanson and Yau was the recipient in 2015.  Each firm was chosen for their extensive use of Qbox with various clients over an extended period of time.  We thank them for their willingness to participate in creating these videos and are grateful to include them in our 10s of thousands of active users.

My new QuickBooks Pro 2015 & Qbox client emailed me while I was at QB Connect and asked for help opening her QuickBooks file. She said "It's just not working! It won't open!" After asking a few questions I decided to just try opening the file from my laptop, since I was an invited user in their Qbox account. To my surprise, I had the same problem but was able to see the cause first hand. Their accountant, who accessed the file the prior evening, had inadvertently opened the client's QuickBooks file using QuickBooks 2016 and upgraded the file to 2016 compatibility. So of course the client could no longer open the file. I told them not to worry. Qbox would rescue them. The accountant was dismayed until I assured her that Qbox had multiple earlier versions of the file and they could restore one to "undo" her mistake. She was ever so grateful that her only cost was the time it took to re-enter 3 journal entries after a quick call to Qbox support restored the file back to a QB 2015 version. 

K.C. Courtnier, 2nd Site Business Solutions

Another happy firm using Qbox

Qbox Fun Facts

Rollback Feature

60% of account owners have rolled back a file. Don’t worry about trying to find your recent backup. Qbox has your previous 20 versions saved to the cloud!

Unlimited Shared Users

The average sync folder has numerous shared users. Don’t worry about a per user fee, shared users are always free!

Forgot to lock a file and some of your updates are not appearing?

The Qbox Recovery Folder makes sure your work is “set aside” and saved should an incoming version not include the transactions.

Computer Crashed and You Need Your Files?

You can easily restore your files at any time from the Qbox cloud by reinstalling the client from your Qbox web dashboard which will also reinstall all of your files in your Qbox account.

Great product at an affordable price. Most of my QBD clients are now on QBox. It makes it so easy for me to resolve issues for them quickly - I can jump on and fix the issue right away instead of having to schedule a remote screen session or an on-site visit.  Now my clients can safely share PDF copies of source documents (bank statements, W-9's) with me by simply dragging the docs into their QBox folder. I'm also planning on using QBox for storing QB document attachments. I also use QBox to share QB and Excel files within my own office. Now we don't have to think about which computer a QB file lives on, or worry about opening a QB file in the wrong edition. I like working directly on my computer without the delay felt when hosting files. Plus internet access is not needed while working on the file, it's only needed for syncing. So I can carry an open file around on my laptop as long as no one else needs access to it. QBox also provides a whole new level of backup. Shortly after setting up QBox on both office computers, I dropped my laptop and cracked the hard drive. The replacement computer was ready to use in no time - just install the necessary QBD editions and download QBox and voilá, all my QB files appeared.

Gina Palacio,  Palace Bookkeeping Services

I just want to take the time to let you know, you and your team once again made me look good to my employer! When I first stumbled upon QBox a few years back, my then employer thought we hit a goldmine to bridge our clients using QB desktop versions. I was the ‘star’ and yes, it did look great on my resume when it was time for me to leave the office. Now working for another firm, I suggested QBox since the day I started but it wasn't implemented until recently and boy, were they pleased! The exact comment I heard was, “Why didn't we do this sooner?”

Your support par excellence is another major plus with Qbox.  There were countless times that I called for help and your team’s patience and expertise reminds me why you guys are going places.  It’s a breath of fresh air in the mostly mediocre if not embarrassing customer service nowadays.

Again, thank you for all the hard work and the quality product you guys provide. Keep it up!

Ron Rodriguez

With Qbox, we finally have a solution that enables our employees, bookkeepers and clients to collaboratively update QuickBooks Company files. It solves the headaches of conflicting copies and lost data updates. We don't need to worry about driving to client office anymore, or setting up remote access to our client computers. Qbox has made it easy for us to share files with different users. Our bookkeepers can now access QuickBooks files at work or at home while working remotely.

Owen Yap,  Higashioka & Yap LLP