Qbox Support & Articles

Qbox Support & Articles

Frequently Asked Questions


Answer your basic Qbox questions such as:

What is Qbox?
Can I use Qbox on Mac?
How does Qbox share a file?


Answer your installation questions such as:

How is Qbox installed?
Which email address should I use?
How do I download the Client?

Folders & Files

Answer your installation questions such as:

What is a Sync Folder?
How do I create a Sync Folder?
Can I create subfolders?

Help Docs

Copy QuickBooks Files

QuickBooks files can be copied into Qbox using any of the following methods:

Copy & paste
Restore QBB
Qbox copy utility

Invite Shared Users

Shared users can be on any domain and will have access only to the contents of the folder specifically shared with them. They will not have access to the other folders of the account owner.

Shared User Setup

Shared users are:

Completely free
Can have ‘Read only’ or ‘Admin’ access
Can copy files into the Sync Folder
Can collaborate in real time

File Sharing Solutions

How to Transfer QuickBooks Desktop to another Computer

The article will help answer QuickBooks license questions such as:
Can I transfer my QuickBooks license to another computer? How to transfer QuickBooks Desktop to another computer?

What is the Difference Between QuickBooks and QuickBooks Enterprise?

When comparing QuickBooks vs. QuickBooks Enterprise, you may ask: What is QuickBooks Enterprise; Is QuickBooks Enterprise a Subscription; and How much does QuickBooks Enterprise Cost? Find out the answers here!

How to Send QuickBooks Files to your Accountant

Learn how to send your QuickBooks files to your accountant. Options include emailing a QuickBooks file, exporting a QuickBooks accountant copy, or creating a portable or backup file.

White Papers

Qbox Security

This whitepaper is dedicated to Qbox and its security practices. Qbox provides comprehensive Physical, Information and Application security of user data, while still allowing users to perform Qbox operations and file sharing more efficiently over the Internet, saving users both money and time.

QuickBooks Primer

In this whitepaper dedicated to QuickBooks desktop, we have attempted to explain some of the most common features Qbox customers use. Read on to learn about QuickBooks file extensions, QuickBooks backup, Multi-user configuration, Attachments, and more.

Case Study: Ledgersync and Qbox

In this whitepaper dedicated to Qbox and Ledgersync, we have analyzed how Bob Linzer, Sara Laidlaw and Matthew Fulton utilize both tools to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. 

File Sharing Solutions

Intuit QuickBooks

Qbox can be used to share QuickBooks Company files with several users such as accountants, bookkeepers and clients.

Word, Excel, PDF

Share supporting files with your staff and clients easily within your sync folder.

Microsoft Access

Qbox can be used to share Microsoft Access database files for efficient and simplified collaboration.